Samantha Stewartson

Mortgage Specialist
Mortgage Centre
Victoria Mutual Building Society
Telephone: (876) 702-4417

An optimist and a hard worker, Samantha Stewartson creates smiles in the Mortgage Unit. She has been serving in the capacity since 2013, and is known to her clients as warm, charming, and the Mortgage Specialist who acts in their best interest.  Upon meeting her clients, she embraces their goal of homeownership, and sees it as her own personal journey as she considers it to be one’s biggest asset. For her, witnessing how through becoming homeowners persons lives have been changed for the better, is motivation enough to continuously deliver a service that is personal and engaging whilst ensuring her clients achieve their goal. She has a passion to serve and endeavours to pull the silver lining from even the most doubtful situations, and guides her life with the belief that there is always something to smile about.


Prior to being a Mortgage Specialist, she was a successful Customer Service Representative with the Victoria Mutual Group and she is eager to channel that success into helping each and every client achieve their goal of home-ownership. She understands the value of family, taking the lessons learnt from parenting - being more patient and maintaining a positive attitude- into executing her daily tasks at the Mortgage Centre.

An ordinary woman, with an extraordinary love for people, she is currently in pursuit of her degree in Human Resource Management, and exploring courses in International Business at the University of Technology.


In her downtime, she takes comfort in watching TV.