Back Richard Webster

Mortgage Specialist
Mortgage Centre
Victoria Mutual Building Society
Telephone: (876) 702-4406

Richard Webster has firsthand knowledge of the homeownership process having built his house from scratch. He now uses that experience to fuel his drive while assisting clients in getting their mortgage loans. This seasoned mortgage expert also notes that what gives him great joy is seeing the look on his clients’ face after making them into homeowners - a job he has been doing for over 20 years.

Known for his humble spirit, this Mortgage Specialist is credited by clients as the utmost professional who sees them through to the end of the mortgage process and gives the occasional phone call to check on their well being after the loan process has been completed.

A family man, Richard states that his love for his family influences how he undertakes his job and treats his clients, the opportunity to interact and meet people daily, he said, “is only a bonus.”

An active Christian, Richard dedicates his summers to the Mooreland Camp where he mentors young people. He thoroughly enjoys being outdoors and is often found snorkeling, fishing, planting, hiking, performing and listening to music.

Richard is also talented in the kitchen, this Iron Chef shared that preparing Chinese Food is his specialty.